Juhayna news/Future Group celebrates 23 years since its establishment.

The Future Group specialized in the food packaging industry celebrated, on Thursday, the 23rd anniversary of its establishment, and the opening of the Future Pack company, its commercial arm, under the auspices of the former minister of industry and Commerce.

Dr. Hatem Al-Halwani, and in the presence of representatives of the industrial and commercial sectors. Dr. Halwani said that addressing the challenges facing the Jordanian industry lies in stimulating local and foreign investment, especially in the industrial sector, indicating that any economy that does not have a strong industry is considered a minor economy.

According to a statement by the group, al-Halwani explained that the economic and global crises have proved the importance of supporting the industrial sector, which provided many goods during the coronavirus crisis, stressing that the investment law is one of the advanced laws, but the problem is application, methods and administrative obstacles. For his part, the CEO of the group located south of the capital, Nizam ElBaradei, referred to the local and international accreditations and certificates obtained by the group since its establishment, which served as a passport to enter global markets, and within the best international practices. ElBaradei stressed the importance of increasing citizen awareness of the quality of the local product and encouraging the Jordanian industry, calling for providing facilities to it and supporting its competitiveness, especially in light of the high cost of production and energy, in addition to enhancing the export capacity of the industrial sector.

For his part, the industrialist, Engineer Musa al-Saket, pointed to the role of the Jordanian industry in the employment of local manpower, calling for supporting the local product and making it a top priority when buying.

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