Future pack/ Elections of the Employees Social Committee

The committee supervising the elections of the Social Committee for Employees in Future Group for Packaging Solutions announced the names of the six winners of the committee’s membership out of 18 candidates.

The Social Committee works to strengthen the bonds of social solidarity between fellow employees in the group through many cultural, sports and service activities, which include assisting employees financially and morally in their various occasions, as well as celebrating many official and informal occasions and recreational and religious trips.

The elections that took place on Sunday 06/08/2023 witnessed a high turnout for the ballot, as the voting percentage reached 94% of the members of the General Assembly.

The elections were characterized by intense competition between the candidates, and the CEO of the Group, Mr. Nizam ElBaradei, met with the winning members of the committee and congratulated them on their victory and the confidence of their fellow employees, providing them with full moral and material support to implement their plans in the service of employees

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