Future Group launches its strategic plan for the next three years

Ammon-the Future Packaging Solutions Group has launched its strategic plan for the next three years in the presence of the board of Directors, CEO, factory managers and departments in the group.

The chairman of the board of Directors of the group, Mr. Zakaria ElBaradei, said during the launch of the strategy that it comes within the framework of the group’s constant quest to achieve excellence, develop its operations and provide high-quality products to its customers.

He added that the plan will identify the goals and strategies that will guide the company’s work over the next three years and achieve sustainable growth.

He pointed out that the plan is the result of the efforts of the company’s dedicated team in developing strategies for growth and development in the market.”

For his part , Mr. Nizam ElBaradei, Group CEO, said: “through this plan, we intend to expand our business scope, increase our production, improve the quality of our products, enhance sustainability in our operations, and commit to providing the best to our customers and contribute to their success.”

He pointed out that the strategy was characterized by dynamism and flexibility to keep pace with the expected changes during the coming period, and also took into account the opportunities available, to make the group a national edifice contributing to the renaissance of the homeland and the national economy .

During the meeting, the main objectives and principles of the strategic plan, its measurement indicators and implementation mechanisms were reviewed, as this plan gives the group a new opportunity to achieve tangible successes and contribute more to the packaging solutions industry.

It is noteworthy that the Future Group consists of several factories and a trading company, and during a record period since its establishment, it has obtained a number of international certificates that have put it on the global map as ISO certificates in quality, public safety, the environment and environmental certificates, in addition to product safety certificates .

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