Round the clock News/A delegation of food and medicine visits the Future Group.

وفد من الغذاء\الساعة

Al-qassous: the foundation supports the national industry to ensure the safety and quality of food

ElBaradei: there must be national certificates parallel to the international ones that help in reaching new markets

Round the clock-a delegation from the General Organization for food and drug visited the Future Group for plastic and cardboard industries.

The delegation included the Deputy Director General of the foundation for food and medicine, Dr.Rabbi pastor and food manager M.Amjad Rashaida and the director of the regions, Dr.Naghm Al-Hourani, and M.Reem aboulaz is the head of the packaging division at the institution.

The delegation listened to an explanation from the group’s executive director, Nizam ElBaradei, about the group’s products, the quality certificates obtained and their development.
She confirmed the foundation’s readiness to provide support to the national industry in order to ensure the safety and quality of food provided to citizens.
She pointed out the importance of the safety of materials intended for contact with food used in homes and restaurants, and the importance of controlling plastic and cardboard products to enhance the citizen’s confidence in national products.

ElBaradei said that the General Organization for food and medicine is the guarantor of the consumer and plays a major role in enhancing the citizen’s confidence in food and the national industry, and contributes to the delivery of the national industry to the consumer in a safe way.
He pointed out the importance of supporting the national industry by helping the National factories to obtain national certificates parallel to the international certificates to help them reach the international markets that require obtaining those certificates.
He pointed out that there is a quality management and operations department in the group, and it has local and international accreditations such as ISO 9001, 14001, 45001 and BRC certificate, which is considered as a passport to enter the global markets, and a certificate that our products are safe and healthy, and within the best international practices.
ElBaradei touched upon some of the problems suffered by the industrial sector, and stressed the importance of partnership between the public and private sectors in. Find the appropriate solutions for her.

He stressed that the group is committed to simplifying the lives of citizens and consumers by providing innovative, single-use packaging solutions at an affordable price،
And be safe, healthy and environmentally friendly.
He pointed out that the group relies on Jordanian labor for more than 90% of its workforce, in order to reduce unemployment rates.
He pointed out that the group’s products have reached many Arab and foreign countries, including Britain, Sweden, Cyprus, Greece, America, Canada, as well as neighboring countries.
For his part, the food director said that more national efforts are needed to help the National Product meet the export conditions imposed by international companies and consider them a prerequisite for manufacturing inside the kingdom.

He pointed out the excellence of the institution’s work, and its supervisory role over the factories, and that 17 factories have achieved conformity with the conditions of the American food and drug organization, which matches the conditions of the institution.

He pointed out that 65 Jordanian factories export their products to many countries of the world, including European and American, and it is important for the Jordanian product to reach the world, as it is an indicator of the good performance of the institution, as the Jordanian product is considered an ambassador of the Jordanian industry.

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