Maraya news / the Jordanian investment law is advanced, and the problem lies in the application.

مرايا\احتفال 23

During the celebration of the Future Group and the launch of the Future Pack company

ElBaradei: we have obtained four quality certificates that enabled us to enter the global markets

Silence: the group’s products are a pride for the national industry and must be supported

The Future Group celebrated the 23rd anniversary of its establishment, and the opening of the Future Pack company, the commercial arm of the group, under the patronage of the former minister of industry and Trade, Dr. Hatem Al-Halwani, and in the presence of representatives of the industrial and commercial sector.

Dr. Al-Halwani said that the Jordanian industry
The country is facing difficult economic problems that are turning into social ones, and the solution lies in stimulating economic growth and that this comes through stimulating investment, especially in the industrial sector.
He added that the group is a model of how to solve our problems, by motivating the foreign investor, and encouraging the local investor who needs support because he is doubling his investment quickly, which is what the Future Group has done.
He pointed out that any economy that does not have a strong industrial economy is considered a minor economy, which is proved by the economic and global crises, which stressed the importance of supporting the industrial sector, which provided many goods in the corona crisis locally.
He pointed out that the Jordanian investment law is one of the advanced laws, and that the problem is with the application and its methods and administrative obstacles.
The group’s CEO, Nizam ElBaradei, said that today we have reached a concrete translation of teamwork.
Strategic planning and wise management،
Twenty-three years of translating a dream into reality, to demonstrate that modest beginnings, do not impose restrictions on the scale of achievements that can be achieved.
He added that these great achievements are the result of concerted efforts by several parties represented by the chairman of the board of directors, Zakaria ElBaradei, the board of directors, the staff of the group and its advisers.

He pointed out that the group has obtained local and international accreditations such as ISO 9001, 14001, 45001 and BRC certificates, which are considered as a passport to enter the global markets, and a certificate that our products are safe and healthy, and within the best international practices.
He stressed the importance of increasing the citizen’s awareness of the excellence and quality of the local product, introducing the public inside and outside the kingdom to national products, encouraging the local industry, increasing awareness of its challenges, demanding facilities for it, supporting the competitiveness of the industrial sector, in light of the high cost of production and energy, and enhancing the export capacity of the industrial sector.
He pointed out that the group’s social responsibility focused on several axes to serve the local community
The most important of these was to reduce unemployment and rely on Jordanian labor, as the percentage of Jordanian labor in the company exceeded 90%.
For his part, the industrialist M.Musa al-Saket, that the “Made in Jordan” program aimed to conquer the Jordanian product local markets before the international, praising the quality of the group’s products, which is a pride for the national industry that has made great strides in the past years despite the difficulties it faces.
He pointed to the role of industry in the employment of the Jordanian workforce, which employs three times more compared to other sectors, and called for supporting the national product through the turnout to buy it.

He pointed out that the Future Group represents a model of complementarity between the industrial and commercial sectors, calling for the unification of the industrial and commercial sectors and complementarity between them.
Engineer Hisham gelham, representative of SGS International, said that the group is a success story that started 23 years ago and conquers the strongest global markets in the field of food packaging, and that it has built strong strategies that turned them into accurate time plans, and obtained the strongest international certificates in the field of packaging that enabled it to reach global markets.

The corporal of the ceremony recalled Alaa jihad ElBaradei, the founders of the group, headed by the late Haj jihad ElBaradei.
The chairman of the board of Directors of the group, Zakaria ElBaradei, honored Dr. Al-Halwani and a number of companies and partners of the group.

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