Low Density Bags

Low Density Bags

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Plastic Forming Line

The Plastic roll manufacturing line includes 17 machines, which pump and extrusion high or low density polyethylene to convert the raw material into cutting and forming plastic rollers.

Next Step: Printing on Plastic rolls as desired by companies and shops.

Last Step: From Plastic Bag through 12 cutting and forming machines to produce high density and low density plastic bags of different sizes and shapes.

The Production capacity of this line is 12 tons per Day.




Plastic Bags – Low Density


Different Sizes available:

16*09 mm            80*50 mm

25*09 mm            95*60 mm

25*11 mm             100*60 mm

25*16 mm            120*60 mm

30*20 mm           125*60 mm

43*25 mm            120*90 mm

45*30 mm           155*60 mm

50*35 mm           

60*40 mm          

75*45 mm          


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