4oz (120cc) Paper Cup

4oz (120cc) Paper Cup



Paper Cups Forming

Due to our vision for clean and environmental products, our orientation was the paper cups.

We import row paper rolls made from virgin Sweden and American forests.

The first process is paper coating using polyethylene which is healthy grade.

The second process is the printing, it is also called the soul giving as we keep up with the latest designs and colors.

The Third process is the cutting where we get the fans shapes with different sizes

The Final step is the forming process as we use modern machines with automatic packaging parts.




Product Name: 4oz Paper Cups
Product No:. FBI737200
Material: Paper Rolls

Quantity: 50 pcs * 20 Packages
Capacity: 4oz: 120cc
Printing: All Sizes are available to print


Paper Cups

Paper Cups




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