Future Group for Packaging Solutions exports products with high quality specifications to various Arab, European and international countries
Retail Packaging

Packaging is more than just something to put your products in. It can help protect goods, reduce the industry’s effects on the planet provide product information, and even influence sales.

When it comes to food there are a lot of criteria that must be met, the essentials being taste, presentation, and of course how hygienic the preparation is. Add on top the worry of catering and then your business takes on an extra stress level of packaging and transportation, this all relates to consumer satisfaction as no one wants to receive damaged and unusable food.
We can supply a vast range of products to help alleviate the workload by providing items such as plates, cutlery, foils, and work gloves which in return allows your business to concentrate on what really matters, the food.

Professionally, we support hotels with the healthy and eco-friendly food packaging solutions that they can guarantee convenient of their customers

We support customized or simple food packaging solutions to the restaurant’s industry to help them to brand and do marketing their food products

We stand side by side with the health industry with our disposable products because we care for customers health and encourage them to use one-time packaging

We supply all the markets of the military institution spread all over the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, with more than 100 branches, where our materials are fully examined within the military laboratories before supply, as our materials always pass these tests and to the highest specifications

Using our disposable supplies means that your business’ workload is cut down through more efficient cleaning solutions, which allows you to focus on running a business.